Medicine / Pharmacy

innobocap is a closure device for liquid pharmaceutical solutions of the effective medical drug which have to be prepared immediate before use.

The closure device releases the solid medical drug into the solution liquid simultaneously with being screwed on the bottle of the liquid.


The method is simple, comfortable and safe providing an improved safety against dosage errors.

The substance to be released is contained in a chamber inside the closure which can be filled individually with a changeable capsule.

This technique is capable to solve logistical problems in transport and storage of unstable solutions (e.g. vaccines).


Furthermore it can provide more safety and faster handling in preparing individual infusion solutions e.g. in emergency medicine or in additional clinical application fields.


The materials used are recyclable of course.


innobocap represents innovation with sustainability in connection with improved comfort and application safety.

How can innobocap improve applications in medicine and pharmacy?



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