The idea

Subject is a closure for containers or bottles releasing a substance stored inside into the container or bottle simultaneously with screwing the closure on it.
This allows for example preparation of individual beverage mixtures simply and comfortable. The substance to be released is located in a chamber inside the closure which can be filled by an exchangeable capsule.


innobocap is suitable for various applications:


The innobocap The innobocap closure devices and their scopes are subject to two international patent applications (PCT) and an effective German Gebrauchsmuster.​

Dr. Stefan Pörtl

Current projects

Presently we develop applications for preparation of mineral drinks and hot beverages (various coffee specialties) together with experienced food companies.

Furthermore we seek to contribute a possible way for solving problems with the tremendous costs and logistical problems of distribution of the mRNA-vaccines against COVID-19-SARS-2.


The company

innobocap GmbH is a start up company from the southern Bavarian area. The
inventions shown here were developed by Stefan Pörtl, MD, consultant for internal medicine and endocrinology in his main occupation.



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